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We are techies and this is what we do best, our support staff has combined experience of more than 100 years and we enjoy doing what we do. We are passionate about technology and we enjoy helping you, so if it is a computer issue or a printer issue, we are happy to assist you and get the problem fixed.

Our experience shows that different problems have different solution, unlike our competitors, we don’t bound you for a long termed agreement, in fact, you choose the service term or don’t choose any term, you just decide on a single instant.

We also understand that you may just have a question and you are curious to get a quick answer, don’t worry, we don’t charge you for answering the questions, our free chat support team is here to answer all your questions…Go ahead and keep them busy…

Our technical support services are categorized into three plans

Single Instant Plan

We will make sure your computer is ready for action with our diagnostic and repair service. We will solve any issue, remove viruses and spyware and optimize your PC for improved performance. All said and done, your computer is serviced and optimized, you’re good to go.

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6 Months Unlimited

Our short termed plan for 6 months covers your computer and your printer, during the service period you can call us as many times your feel like if you face any issue with the software on your computer or the connectivity issue with the printer, we will take care of all the software related issues, if you change your computer in the service period, don’t change the protected computer with us too.

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1 Year Unlimited

One year of full peace of mind, during the year if you encounter any software issue, or the computer gets infected, just call us and relax, your technical team will take care of the rest, just count on the vast experience of our team, we ensure that your computer is back with your fast and secured.

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Pay per Incident

Give us a try for a single instant plan to serve to with immediate resolution

Home Consummers

Our extensive support to home consumers covers the personal computer and printer, our short and long termed plans are designed accordingly

Business Consumers

We cater different business domains and don’t just provide service for a particular issue, we provide a solution


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