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Startup and shutdown Optimization, check and install Windows updates, remove unwanted toolbars and software, remove temp files and cookies, optimize internet browser
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Remove all viruses, spywares, malwares and rootkits on the computer
New or old printer installation
Fix printer driver and software issues
Fix printing and scanning software issues
Check and enable security features including antiphishing and pop-up blocking on internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari etc
Adding and Removing additional computer user and restricting the rights and limitations
Checking and updating the latest hardware drivers and checking the compatibility
Install Antivirus and Antimalware (Free or Paid)
Install computer optimizers and tune up software (Free or Paid)
Check Hard Drive errors and optimize the HDD performance
Repair operating system issues (boot issues, blue screens, forgot password etc.
Fix all software related issues
Fix any hardware issue
Assist you with any hardware change and suggest the compatible hardware details and estimated cost for the hardware and help with the nearby store
Free online 2GB space to backup your files and store your data in safe and secured hands (need more? Talk to us !)
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Pay per Incident

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Home Consummers

Our extensive support to home consumers covers the personal computer and printer, our short and long termed plans are designed accordingly

Business Consumers

We cater different business domains and don’t just provide service for a particular issue, we provide a solution


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