About us is a subsidiary of Triangle System IT EST. and is available to help you with any computer troubleshooting problem or question at any time, day or night. Now there is no need to unplug your computer and drive it to a computer repair service or wait for stranger to arrive to fix a problem. We can fix your computer, help you install new software, remove viruses and spyware or set-up your wireless network by using remote PC log-in technology which is safe and secure while you watch.

Whether you use your computer for business or strictly for personal interest, we are qualified to help you. Our live online tech support is conducted by highly qualified Personal Technology Experts. is your trusted one-stop shop for remote pc repair. Using our secure remote PC log-in technology, our expert computer technicians are available to provide you with an enhanced level of personal service. It's like having an IT person on staff, without the associated costs. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

For immediate PC support call +1-888-262-1523. Our team of technical experts are just a phone call away.

Mission: To become a trusted provider of online computer support for the home, home office and small business.

The company is based in Houston TX.

Pay per Incident

Give us a try for a single instant plan to serve to with immediate resolution

Home Consummers

Our extensive support to home consumers covers the personal computer and printer, our short and long termed plans are designed accordingly

Business Consumers

We cater different business domains and don’t just provide service for a particular issue, we provide a solution


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